About me

I am a 23-year-old from Germany with Aspergers trying to find his place in this world. I like games, and I have an obsession with statistics and politics. I also really enjoy delving into multiple hour-long philosophical talks. I used to be bad at math.

My Life


I was born in Aurich, East Frisia, where I grew up before eventually moving to my father due to family issues primarily caused by my autism. I had a relatively normal childhood and a challenging youth as the problems I faced grew bigger and bigger as I became older until they led me to years of depression until I finally managed to recently break out of this vicious cycle and seek professional help.

What I want to achieve


I dream of becoming a game developer and making my own games, as they have been a significant part of my life that created good memories. The possibility of making a living while creating the medium that gave me these good memories is why I want to become a game dev.