Monday, 14:25 | Staying Positive

I finally set up the main page of this website and honestly, I think it looks good for now. I didn't notice that the white part at the bottom of the page only existed, because the website itself was too small vertically. An unncessecary oversight for whoever designed this, but oh well. You just need to fill the website with things and it naturally goes away so it doesn't matter.

Anyway, I wanted to write here that so far I had two appointments at the social psychatric service of my town, the first one being roughly a month ago and I am glad I went there. After the situation at work escalated and one of the higher ups told me to go to the social psychatric service everything so far improved. I am almost, no, actually I am glad it escalated the way it did because otherwise I would have probably never went there! Looking back at the first appointment I had there it really felt like someone actually understood me for the first time ever. I will probably write more about it in detail here, but for now I just wanted to make an entry here and get this whole thing started somehow as right now everything is going good so far and I hope it stays that way. To give a small hint: The main topic at the appointment was to work on setting and keeping a more positive mindset.

Also, I might change the blog layout and completely remove Jimdo's blog functionality because there are a couple things that really annoy me, like the fact that every blog post seems to be closed in by default and the entries only showing the date, but not weekday or time. Yeah, I pay attention to these kind of things. I like it when it is more detailed like that.

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