Saturday, 12:26 | What a week!

The title says it all. What a week this has been! One of the disabled people I work with collapsed this monday. The first time ever I was in an emergency situation like this. I'm glad he seems to be better by now as far as I know, but that monday, I was...overwhelmed. I was really afraid something permanent was going to happen, not to mention the worst. Thankfully there were others around me who were more competent at taking care of him so I was able to just focus on making a call and getting the ambulance there as fast as possible. I'm glad shit went rather good than bad.


What else happened this week? I decided to start doing daily workouts and slowly increase their difficulty over time. I am no expert in this at all, neither do I consider myself to even have basic knowledge, but everyone tries somewhere, right? Anyway, I still have to finish my job application documents, making sure they are good before using them. Today I went to the barber again and we talked about this and besides some tips he gave me I noticed that some aspects of writing a job application aren't universally good or bad. Teach that my family for fucks sake. Imma make mine look fabulous.

Now to the not life relevant, but still worth to mention thing: I ordered a few Animal Crossing: New Hoirzons Amiibo card packs and one of them had Ankha in it! The one card besides Tortimer (I had him already) that I always wanted and now I have it! What are the odds?! 0,2% actually! HOW LUCKY DID I GET?!


It's finally weekend and I can chill a bit and calm down from everything. There are other things but I forgot because it was way too much, not to mention a few things I can't talk about here but that's fine. Just mentioning this week was eventful is enough. What a week that was.

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    wawa (Saturday, 10 June 2023 14:00)

    wow you are so cool can we please be friends