Saturday, 21:07 | Bad Vibes

I just want to write down my personal thoughts about something that just happened that I feel important to me to write down my own stance on this. So I happened to, somehow yet again, end up on a game server with the same streamer guy I already stumbled upon recently. It was...interesting and fun up until a certain point where a random viewer from the chat joined me.

I didn't know this player personally, nor did I tell him about the situation or ask him to join. He joined by himself, which he was only able to because I had my game settings set to allow "friends" to join without an invitation. This guy ended up being added by me literally one day prior when I was asking in a discord chat if anyone wants a certain loot item I had at the time. He dm'd me so that's how I ended up adding him as a friend.

A big mistake it turned out to be. Never add someone as a friend until you played and spent enough time with them to really be sure that they are alright. In this specific instance the biggest mistake I've done was leaving this setting on to allow "friends" to join me without permission. Because if I wouldn't have had that set to on, this whole situation wouldn't have happened.

The second he joined I had a bad gut feeling, but couldn't really do anything. When I realized it was causing problems I tried making distance between me and said streamer to avoid the random mate from causing problems. After restocking a bit inside the game I ended up approaching said streamer again to give him the remaining things I had since at that moment I already knew I had to close down my own "crew" (that random that is) to avoid any further issues.

There ended up being a second random to join the game, this time invited by me after the first random kept asking and eventually (if I recall correctly) said streamer allowed to. Still, the whole situation was uncomfortable for me and others. I don't even know if I understood said streamer correctly or if I misunderstood. I hope I did not. I'm gonna DM him later post stream and give my perspective on this situation and apologize.

There was just bad vibes.

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