Saturday, 12:13 | A new chapter

It has been almost a month since my last entry, a lot of things have happened. Some worth mentioning, other things not so much. I want to put a bigger focus on the good things today:


I have only one week left to work, then the company shuts down and by the end of the month my contract ends. While this does currently put pressure on me on hopefully finding an apprenticeship in time, it also gives me great relieve because I can finally see the end of an era pretty much. Working in a social field and taking care of disabled people has been very exhausting for the past 3 years. I am just not meant to work socially. It's simply not who I am.

That being said I still appreciated the pay tho, although on the other hand it was also kind of a scam because there were other jobs with less work required, less work time and they still paid the same amount. I was just dumb enough to believe "nice people" around me who kept telling me how awesome this job was. It wasn't. But still, I got to meet some extremely funny disabled people that I will probably never forget because of how hilariously funny they were at times.


I also had the opportunity to talk to my general manager once in his office due to me having a couple questions I wanted to have answered before he also quits his job (which ironically happens at the same time as my own contract ends). It is crazy when you have a man sitting in front of you who shares exactly the same views on how a company should change and develop. Sounds like nothing special until you realize that man has cars worth more than my own father ever earned in salary his entire life. Yeah, that kind of financially hyper successful man. And funnily enough, he had the exact same view on this company that I did.

Talking about views. As I may have already mentioned it I work, well, soon worked, at a workshop for disabled people. The concept of having workshops in your country that offer jobs to disabled people sounds great on paper, but there is a reason only Germany does this. In reality this concept is abusive, and to some degree inhumane in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, nobody gets treated like shit here, at least not directly. But when you have disabled people who do more and at times better physical work than a regular worker in the primary work sector of your country, and yet the disabled one gets only a fraction (10% to 30% maybe) of what the regular worker earns, then you know something is fucked up.


Seriously, it sucks. But it isn't even the pay that sucks. The whole idea of workshops essentially just acting like a "Sammelbecken" - a place where all disabled people are DESIGNED TO END UP IN is just sickening. This should not be the goal, but it is. It could be so much better: Keep the system the way it is, but transform the workshop into a place where those people actually produce stuff and not just sit around all day because nobody wants to actually fucking educate them. That way we can even become completely independent from state funding. Imagine that: A disabled workshop that produces it's own goods. Disabled people working regular production jobs (to the degree they are capable of that is). It does work. We proved it. Too bad some people here disagree with that philosophy...

Anyway, to get back to the positive part: I am glad this is finally over for me. I can focus on getting a better job now and maybe one day figure out a way to help these people cause they are capable of so much more than you may think. I've seen it for three years!

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