Monday, 20:04 | Momentum

I want to keep things short in this one today. First of all: Financially everything is settled again, a great relief not gonna lie. Secondly, everything is looking good regarding the possibility of getting into programming. So there is an upwards momentum in my life again which is great.

It is ironic that as soon as my life is starting to go the right direction again, another war breaks out. This time in Israel. And while I educate myself about the history of the region so I can understand the overall conflict better I see media everywhere that seems to be taken a side, willingly turning a blind eye to the opposing one. Did people forget how to end wars? Did they forget what dialog is? Did they forget that not everything you believe in has to be the right way? That what you think may not be what reality is? When I encounter someone with a vastly differing opinion, I also feel like shit when I realize I might be wrong, but at least I attempt to understand the other side and often, learn from it.

I wish more people would understand this. There would be a lot less hate out there. A lot less wars...and society devolving into the shitty state it is in at the moment. To leave this on a positive note, I'll try to keep the blog more active again so I can put a bigger focus on what is going on as things happen!

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