Thursday, 14:30 | Patience

I wanted to write an entry about a week ago, but I had another appointment that was re-scheduled to yesterday so I waited to make this. So far everything seems to be going great to get an apprenticeship next year and everything is gonna covered. Nothing is set in stone yet, but so far there is nothing standing against it which is great. Not having something negative to look at for once feels great and looking at it back now, it does make me realize that I'm starting to change my usually negative mind about things. Mostly of course, sometimes I'm still a miserable negative piece of shit.


Anyway, I used to check the text I write here for spelling mistakes and grammar. I'm gonna stop with it now because I no longer see why I should do it. I don't care about it myself and neither has anyone complained so far (probably because almost no one reads it), but regardless of it: I don't see a reason to do it for myself so I'm gonna scrap it. Feel free to be offended by it or laugh about it. Your call. I'm definitely gonna write another entry in december again, but I am not sure yet whether or not to do it before or after christmas. Maybe I do both. We'll see.

Regarding my family, things with them has been starting to improve in the past weeks. However it also further reinforces my thoughts that one of the key problems is just the lack of competence of my parents. I believe them when they say they want to help, but they can't. And that's ok. They try and that is all that matters really. Obviously not for the sake of me succeeding in life, but that is my problem, not theirs. The at least care unlike others.


I don't know if I have mentioned it here before but I have started a little financial experiment where I partially invest in traditional stocks and something more unconventional. I'm not expecting to get anything out of it since this is more of an experiement, but I did enough research to not be worried about screwing myself over. Obviously I'm hoping to get something out of it, but it is mainly a learning process for when I actually start earning more money so that by then I already have my own personal experience with it. I set a time frame for this of about 3-5 years depending on how things develop so I cannot say anything about it yet. I'll get back on it when there is something interesting to mention.


Next week it will be decided how things go from January and I'm really excited for it. I'm also a little bit scared to, but as some French Emperor said: "There is nothing we can do.".

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