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Last day of the year. Not gonna lie, I wanted to write this a year before, but that was when I started getting knee deep in some unholy shit. Unbelievable in all honesty. Anyway, let me summarize this month:

I met my mother again, last time was 2019 at the funeral of my grandmother. This time it was at home. We didn't really talk much, or at all because the whole conversation was basically just my mother and stepmother. My father, my younger halfbrother and me barely said a thing. I admit, I wanted to avoid this situation from occuring in the first place, but my mother insisted that she would come and pick up the graphics card I told my younger brother he could have. A bit of a story, but he messaged me and asked if I could help him with a "Warzone" problem.

It was quite funny when I asked him about what hardware he uses and he couldn't even tell me much, but what he could tell me was sad. No wonder he had issues with Warzone. Even in 2010 his computer would be low-mid tier at best. Garbage today. I couldn't help him much really so I offered him my old graphics card at least to make sure that won't be the problem. Me? I wanted to give it to him for free but my mother insisted to pay for it, most likely just to have an excuse to come here. I knew it and yet felt for it. Whatever.

In the past week since Christmas Eve I started getting properly into game development. I've decided to start with Unity and get as much information as I could and now as I am writing this blog entry I already have multiple certificates, including programming in C#. All within a week, it is crazy looking back at it that all this has barely been a week. How was this a week? I made progress I see others making in half a year! How the fuck?! I guess I really am made for this afterall.

I set myself a very ambitious goal for 2024. Besides the obvious apprenticeship that is on the table and about to start, I want to start working on my very first game. There is no survival game that truly captures immersion to the degree that I am imagining and sadly, some came close to it. But they just couldn't cut it or since their initial release have moved away too much from their own core concept. I want be different. I will create the first open world survival game with a proper in world looting system to move immersion to a height no other game has been able to do. I'll attempt to get a rough prototype working by the end of 2024.

That being said, I hope everyone who reads this has a great new year! I'll leave this entry with a cover of "Ode to Joy", the European Union Anthem, by The Dark Tenor:

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