Wednesday, 22:37 | Taking the lead

There is something I find very interesting within the group dynamic of my new schooling program I am in. There are people with very different age groups, from 21 all the way to way beyond 50. But that isn't what I find interesting. What I find interesting is the fact that when there is something going on that causes anxiety of one of the guys I do group work together with then I will naturally take the lead of it. I do it for the sake of him not mentally shitting himself because I know how it feels, but also because there is something that just makes me do it. It is weird, but when nobody is stepping forward I naturally do it. I developed this behaviour during my FSJ year and now within this group I do it again. It seems weird to me because I used to get anxiety like this guy does from just standing in front of a group of maybe 12 people. But now I naturally just go and take the lead like I did my entire life.

The whole program so far is going very well. Not gonna get too much into it, but I actually feel like having decent people around me and the teachers are also all quite good. One stands out in particular but I may write about him another time. It is already late and I only now wrote because I didn't want to miss another month writing here. Overall this month was quite good. About the Unity courses I mentioned last time. I managed to finish the programming course and I am now doing the Creative Core one. Hopefully once I am done with that I'll be able to properly get going with my own personal project. I'm very excited about it.

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